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I don't wear pants, I swear a lot, and I have a wicked Star Wars tattoo. If that doesn't make you want to be friends with me, then I give up.
I cannot fucking STAND when people hide behind their freedom of speech.

Fuck you in your dirty asshole.

"Women who don’t shave are disgusting. Learn how to use a razor."

How misogynist of you!


Wow, idiot. Way to take a completely generalized insult to women and run behind your little pillar of free speech. Rollins said real heroes are the one that FIGHT TO PROTECT their freedom of speech, not the pussies that hide behind it.

The fact that you don’t care for women with body hair is your opinion, and yes, your preference, but why even bother making a statement damning those who choose not to? Who says you have to fuck them? And frankly, they probably wouldn’t want to fuck a close minded simpleton like you anyways, so I think you’re in the clear.

I shave all my body hair because it is personally my PREFERENCE. That doesn’t mean I’m going to start some sort of public lynching over Amanda Palmer’s armpits.


(The worst part of this, is even though I wasn’t attacking him but politely pointing out how his generalization sets humanity back years, his friends come to his “rescue” by saying things like, “I BET YOU COULD GO TO ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD AND THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WOULD PREFER SHAVED TO NOT SHAVED.” Sigh. Point missed.)

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